IPC High Reliability Conference

IPC High Reliability Conference

Get practical methodologies that can be deployed today to enhance your operations

High Reliability is critical when electronics assemblies are working in harsh environments where there are high temperature difference, vibration; and components get smaller and demand for high reliability products increases. IPC has brought together an international panel of experts for this inaugural conference in the heart of Southeast Asia to discuss:

  • Critical areas of the assembly process and
  • How design and materials choices will affect cost, reliability and turnaround time.

These important one-day events will focus on advanced research results, practical methodologies and standards in the automotive, aerospace and other electronic fields — critical information for engineers and managers responsible for reliability.

For more information, contact Raymond Foo, RaymondFoo@ipc.org; Henry Ton, HenryTon@ipc.org.

Dates Events
August 29, 2018 IPC High Reliability Conference Vietnam
HCM City, Vietnam | Call for Papers and Sponsorship | More Information
August 31, 2018 IPC High Reliability Conference Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand | Call for Papers and Sponsorship | More Information