IPC Professional Training and Certification Policies and Procedures

IPC Asia Pacific has released a new policy and procedures document since April 2018. It is applicable to IPC’s Professional Training and Certification Programs in the regions specified in section 2.0 of the attached, including lecture-based discrimination-skills courses (such as IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620, IPC- 6012 and Designer Certification) and courses that include workmanship skills demonstration (such as J-STD-001 and IPC-7711/7721). All trainers will need to ensure that this latest policy is being taught within a given certification program. Any changes or revisions to this policy will be communicated through letters and email in the future.

Effective from Apr. 2018, the IPC Training and Certification Policy for Asia Pacific Region has been updated to Rev.6 base on changed from IPC Global Training and Certification Policy, main changes is in clause 7.5 Recertification as follows:

Recertification that is accomplished in a 90-day window before the existing certification expiration date or within a 6-month window after the existing certification expiration date will be granted a new certification expiration date that is exactly two years following the existing expiration date.

That is, early recertification of up to 90 days will not incur a penalty on the two-year cycle nor will recertification within the 6-month window after certification add on to the two-year cycle. when recertification is accomplished more than 90 days before the existing expiration, a new two-year expiration date will be established from the actual month of recertification.

All questions regarding this policy and procedures document should be directed to:
Southeast Asia: Raymond Foo (RaymondFoo@ipc.org), Henry Ton (HenryTon@ipc.org).

IPC Professional Training and Certification Policies and Procedures for Asia Pacific Region 2018 V6.0 (.pdf)